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    Always, our very definite priority is to try and make life easier for people living with MND on the island, not forgetting that their families sometimes need a bit of a lift, too. In the past year we have spent over £12,000 on care and equipment. This usually takes the form of riser recliner chairs or stairlifts and, more commonly now, paying for overnight nursing care to allow carers to get a decent night’s sleep.

  • The local association

    It’s now twenty years since the Association was formed on the island and during that time volunteers have helped many people who have found themselves facing the daunting prospect of life with Motor Neurone Disease.

    As one of the MNDA’s slogans used to say, “Life may be short, but it’s still worth living” the aim of the local committee has always been (and still is) to make life more comfortable for people living with MND, and their families too, by providing assistance and support without delay. Sometimes it’s equipment (riser-recliner chairs are still in demand, but so are hoists, high-tech breathing aids etc.); help with a vehicle or home adaptation, or perhaps an air-ticket for a friend to visit. Increasingly, we are also asked for communication aids which might be as simple as an I-Pad or as complex as eye-recognition computer equipment. Now that government is not in a position to provide as much equipment as previously, the MNDA Isle of Man is there to help if possible.

    The current committee is small (but hardworking!), fundraising to provide the service mentioned above, and also, when funds allow, sending money to the UK MNDA for research purposes. We are all confident that one day, a cure or preventative therapy will be found. The local committee are a friendly bunch, but sadly, very short on active members. If you would like to consider joining us, please contact us for a chat. We like to keep things ‘do-able’ and so our events are modest – coffee mornings and quizzes, and the much-loved Christmas Fair, and now the annual Christmas Cracker, too. We are open to new ideas, and would welcome input from you! If you have a little time to spare, please think about joining us.